From starting reflexology with Zoe where I was massively stressed, fatigued and exhausted to now is a massive change! I am fresher, hardly tired, not stressed or exhausted. It has been amazing and I highly recommend! I’ll definitely be back, the transformation is a big relief and I feel much happier.


Stoke on Trent

I have suffered from Lymphoedema in my left arm since 2009 due to my treatment for Breast Cancer. I was very interested when Zoe approached me and asked me to be a case study for Reflexology Lymph Drainage treatment. I received 5 weeks treatment from Zoe, which I can only say was amazing, I found the Reflexology treatment so relaxing and calming too.


Each week Zoe would take a before and after treatment measurements of both of my arms, the results definitely showed how excess fluid had drained from my arm. I wear my arm sleeve everyday normally but during the days after treatment my arm felt lighter and I had days where I left my arm sleeve off, which was great as I could wear short sleeves, a great confidence boost to me! My arm felt so much better for a few days and I looked forward to my next treatment. Zoe was very caring and her professionalism throughout the treatment was second to none.


Stoke on Trent

Firstly, I would like to thank you Zoe so very much. From my first session I felt the benefit, more energy, less pain and numbness. I took less painkillers (co-codamol) than usual. After the third and fourth session I had headaches but on the fifth session and after I felt great. I have still continued to take less painkillers than before I met Zoe.

I have been helping my husband milking this week but still feel good, my symptoms have improved. I was prescribed Fluoxetine and with the consent of my Doctor I have stopped taking these too.

I enjoyed talking to Zoe, but loved the relaxation part and just wished I could have stayed awake for Zoe, just talking to Zoe made me feel relaxed. Zoe was so professional in all aspects of appearance, cleanliness, very organised bringing all the essentials with her. Even her little stool!

I would and have recommended Zoe to others and hope others can feel the benefit I have.

Thank you Zoe xx




I feel the treatment has worked, especially with my M.E. and swelling as I can do a lot more, not spending days in bed, so feel better within myself. Therapist has been fab and explained everything, will defo be continuing with treatments!



I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago and also developed the associated depression and anxiety.
I heard that Zoe needed case studies for RLD with people with fibro.
We did 5 weekly sessions and each week the positive reactions from the treatment lasted longer.
My energy levels have improved, my joints don't ache as much and my muscles don't feel as tight.

Zoe encourages you to drink plenty of water to flush the stagnant lymph out of your system to work with the treatment to gain the greatest benefits.

Zoe is professional, calm and you instantly feel in safe hands.
I am continuing to have the RLD as and when I feel I need it and it has made a difference to my health and wellbeing.
Thank you Zoe.


Stoke On Trent

Helped me immensely. I have lower limb lymphodema and have really struggled this Summer to keep the illness manageable. The treatment not only helped to “unclog” my lymphatic system, but also helped to increase my energy levels and my self esteem.
Zoe is lovely and understanding. When you have a condition like this, you don't just let anyone touch your feet! Zoe knew what she was doing and was very knowledgeable.
Can’t wait to go back !


Stoke on Trent